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  • Discover how to harness your spiritual power so that you can lead a happier, richer, more successful life.

    Learn to become a true spiritual practitioner and use your spiritual powers to take control of your life and change it rather than escape it.

    Become a high level psychic, raise your spiritual vibration and Psy-Q

    Self enrolment: Spiritual Practitioner Secrets
  • Become the CEO (Chief Enlightenment Officer) in your business and life

    Harness source energy. Tap into your intuition, grow a successful spiritual business. Receive ongoing support, spiritual insights from Lisa’s guides. Get the latest business, marketing and advice From spiritual entrepreneurs For spiritual entrepreneurs.

    Learn to grow yourself, so that you can grow a successful business based on ethics and integrity. Ground your spiritual vision, live your purpose and mission and change the planet.

    And have some fun doing it.  smile

    For help accessing this course contact

    Self enrolment: Spiritual Practitioner Mastermind
  • For Students on Spiritual Practitioner Certification Training

    For people who practice spirituality in their daily work and life and who want to turn their passion into a livelihood.

    A profound spiritual odyssey.On this training you will unite your material self with your spiritual essence. Get in alignment with who you really are and what you have incarnated on the planet to do.

    For help accessing this course contact

    Self enrolment: Spiritual Practitioner Certification Training
  • Moving from mastery over the universe to mastery of Self. Creating the highest level of personal power, change and transformation, in yourself and your clients.

    Self enrolment: Spiritual Master Practitioner
  • Initiations and energy activations to achieve spiritual success to achieve greater happiness in all areas of your life:

    Health, Wealth, Relationships, Business Success and more…

    Guest access: Spiritual Success Mastermind
  • Initation into the Creator Energy and higher dimensional spiritual awareness. Become a Creator Being Initiate.

    A multi-dimensional programme.

    1. Spiritual - initiation into higher and greater levels of energy and awareness.
    2. Emotional - releasing past programming and limitations
    3. Practical - implementation of your new skills, energy and awareness to achieve tangible concrete results
    4. Energetic - The scientific definition of energy  is “That which can do work”, Spiritual evolution has long been called “the Great Work”. Thus more energy enables greater spiritual evolution

    Invitation only. 

    Guest access: The Initiation Programme
  • Activating the Archetypal Energies to increase your energy, vibration, personal and Spiritual Power.

    Realise the true and hidden power that lies within, Lisa will take you and a select group of highly awakened individuals on a journey through the Tarot archetypes, activating the energies within them.

    When activated you have access to this energy, behaviours, thinking and patterns that empower you.

    Now it's time to unlock the Tarot's hidden power.

    Self enrolment: Hidden Secrets of the Tarot
  • Create a successful online spiritual business that balances financial and business success, with your spiritual message and values.

    Self enrolment: Online Spiritual Business Academy
  • Discover the secrets of the shamanic masters that will allow you to travel to other dimensions. Shape shifting, Soul retrieval, connect with the elements and more
    Self enrolment: Secrets of the Shamanic Masters
  • Learn the Mystery of Energy Transmutation.

    • Discover how to harness and transmute sexual energy and use it to grow your business. 
    • Use sexual energy to awaken consciousness and ground your spiritual vision.
    • Increase your personal presence and charisma
    • Solve relationship problems (including the ones with yourself, your body and your sexuality)
    • Connect heart and sexuality, and spirituality
    • Activate the Kundalini and open your third eye
    • Balance masculine and feminine energy

    For over 18s only.

    For information on how to apply to join this course contact

    Self enrolment: Mystery of Energy Transmutation
  • Increase your power, energy, productivity and become irresistible.

    Clear the debris and unprocessed emotional material from your lower 3 chakras. The effect of this is gentle, subtle and profound.

    Increase personal power and will. Enhance creative sexual energy. Move more energy around the body. Open up a whole new circuit.

    Subtly notice your energy levels increase day by day. Increases your productivity, your power and makes you irresistible.

    Self enrolment: Mystery of Energy Transmutation Level II
  • Harness the energy of the 2012 shift.

    • Clear Your Karma
    • Open Your Chakras
    • Activate Your Kundulini
    • Essential Sensory Perception
    • Integrity of Energy
    Self enrolment: Harness the energy of the 2012 shift
  • Turn your dreams of being a professional psychic, healer, therapist, intuitive or coach into reality.

    If you need assistance getting into this forum contact

    Self enrolment: Professional Skills for Psychics 2.0
  • Learn to live in a state of bliss and connectedness. Feel empowered and powerful, filled with energy, vitality, confidence and joy. This course contains adult content and is for over 18s only. If you do not already have an enrolment key you will need to click here to pay your fees and you will be sent one.  If you need any assistance getting into this forum please contact

    Self enrolment: Ecstatic Living